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Preperation for Photoshoot

It is vital that the homeowner is prepared for the photoshoot. Download the PDF document below to prepare them for the photoshoot. 

Home Preperation

Preparing Your Home for a Photoshoot: A Guide for Homeowners

  1. Clean and Declutter:

    • Ensure all rooms are clean and tidy.

    • Remove personal items and excess clutter to showcase the home's features.

  2. Exterior Appeal:

    • Trim bushes, mow the lawn, and clear pathways.

    • Consider seasonal maintenance like raking leaves or shoveling snow.

  3. Natural Lighting:

    • Open curtains and blinds to let in natural light.

    • Replace any burnt-out bulbs to ensure a well-lit interior.

  4. Highlight Key Features:

    • Showcase architectural features and focal points.

    • Consider staging with attractive furniture and décor.

  5. Minor Repairs:

    • Fix any minor issues such as leaky faucets, loose handles, or cracked tiles.

    • Ensure all doors and windows open and close smoothly.

  6. Pets and Personal Items:

    • Temporarily relocate pets during the photoshoot.

    • Minimize visible personal items such as pet bowls or family photos.

  7. Kitchen and Bathrooms:

    • Clear countertops of unnecessary items.

    • Hide personal hygiene items in the bathroom.

  8. Curb Appeal:

    • Ensure the front entry is inviting and well-maintained.

    • Consider adding potted plants or fresh flowers for added appeal.

  9. Photography-Ready:

    • Keep vehicles out of driveways and away from the front of the house.

    • Remove any seasonal decorations that may date the photos.

  10. Flexible Schedule:

    • Be prepared for the photoshoot by having the home ready at the agreed-upon time.

    • Allow the photographer space to work efficiently without interruptions.

Remember, a well-prepared home will not only look better in photographs but will also attract more potential buyers. If you have any specific preferences or requests, feel free to discuss them with the photographer beforehand. Thank you for your cooperation in making your home shine in the real estate market!

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