Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

  • How quickly will I receive the photos?

    • Usually between 24-36 hours

  • Do I need to be there for you to take the photos

    • No. I have Supra Key access, and if the home has a lockbox, just mention the code in the note section when booking the photo shoot. 

  • How do I pay the invoice

    • After I send the photos to your email address, I will send a bill to your email address. You may pay it online, or send a check to my business address. 

  • How do I download the photos

    • PC: If you know how to unzip a file, you are set. But if You don't the following video will visually show you how to unzip a file. 

    • MAC: Just double click zipped folder to extract picture files from file. 

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